Towards 1 Gbps/UE in Cellular Systems: Understanding Ultra-Dense Small Cell Deployments

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Lopez-Perez, David; Ding, Ming; Claussen, Holger; Jafari, Amir


Journal Article

IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials



2078 - 2101

Today’s heterogeneous networks comprised of mostly macrocells and indoor small cells will not be able to meet the upcoming traffic demands. Indeed, it is forecasted that at least a 100× network capacity increase will be required to meet the traffic demands in 2020. As a result, vendors and operators are now looking at using every tool at hand to improve network capacity. In this epic campaign, three paradigms are noteworthy, i.e., network densification, use of higher frequency bands, and spectral efficiency enhancement techniques. This paper aims at bringing further common understanding and analysing the potential gains and limitations of these three paradigms, together with the impact of idle mode capabilities at the small cells as well as the user equipment density and distribution in outdoor scenarios. Special attention is paid to network densification and its implications when transitioning to ultra-dense small cell deployments. Simulation results show that network densification with an average inter site distance of 35m can increase cell-edge UE throughput by up to 48×, while the use of the 10GHz band with a 500MHz bandwidth can increase network capacity up to 5×. The use of beamforming with up to 4 antennas per small cell base station lacks behind with cell-edge throughput gains of up to 1.49×. The top ten challenges to be addressed to bring the ultra-dense small cell deployments to reality are also discussed.

Data61; NICTA; Macrocell; small cell; ultra-dense deployment; densification; frequency; antenna; interference; capacity; energy; cost-effectiveness.



Lopez-Perez, David; Ding, Ming; Claussen, Holger; Jafari, Amir. Towards 1 Gbps/UE in Cellular Systems: Understanding Ultra-Dense Small Cell Deployments. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. 2015-06-17; 17(4): 2078 - 2101. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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