Application Level HA and QoS using SDN

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Dwarakanathan, Srinivasan; Bass, Len; Zhu, Liming



Sydney, Australia

Users expect cloud applications to be highly available with minimum service disruption. Most of the current systems use High Availability (HA) solutions that detect host and Virtual Machine (VM) failures. These solutions don’t detect the failure of applications running inside the VMs. Detection of application failure is critical for stateful applications. Some applications come with their own HA logic to handle application failures. There are some systems which provide system level HA to detect application failures. These system level solutions are very generic in nature and don’t cater to individual application’s requirements. Different applications have different HA requirements and the overall HA solution need to cater to these individual applications’ HA requirements. Some of the cloud applications also have Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. The High Availability (HA) module needs to consider QoS requirements while placing or failing over the application, application’s components and its replicas. With the advent of Software Defined Networking (SDN), HA module can use SDN to get the network topology and bandwidth information. This information can then be used by HA module in the placement of applications and replicas. In this paper, we present our overall research goal to provide HA at the application level in the cloud considering QoS aspects of the applications and the individual application’s HA requirements as well. The HA module needs to dynamically decide on the HA algorithm and QoS logic to be used based on the application’s requirements. As a case for feasibility of the above approach, we have implemented a prototype to provide HA and QoS guarantees for one type of application. This is one way of ensuring QoS and HA between applications. We will extend this in future to cater to the HA and QoS requirements of different type of applications.

Published: February 03, 2015 Copyright © 2015 NICTA ISSN: 1833-9646-8552



Dwarakanathan, Srinivasan; Bass, Len; Zhu, Liming. Application Level HA and QoS using SDN. 2015-02-02. nicta:8552.

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